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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom (AK) opened in April 1998 it is the fourth theme park for Disney. AK is not your typical Disney Park; it has over 500 acres of lush vegetation and live animals of every shape and size. There are over 250 species of animals represented with over 1000 animals.

The park is well staffed with knowledgeable cast members who can answer all your questions.  There are shows, rides and attractions that are Disney at their best but the stars of this show are the birds, reptiles, and animals you will see in areas set up to mimic their natural habitats. Every trail and walkway in AK is lined with beautiful plantings and creatures. Wander of the main path every chance you get, you don’t want to miss a thing.

Discovery Island
AK is set up like a wheel. Discovery Island is the hub.  As you enter AK you walk through main entrance (make sure to grab a map, you will need it) passing through the Oasis, as you walk over the bridge to Discovery Island you see the centerpiece of the AK, the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life itself is beautifully inlaid with ‘carvings’ of animals of every kind.   Thirteen people worked full-time for 18 months to create the 325 animal carvingsInside the Tree of Life is the Disney-Pixar inspired show, It’s Tough to Be a Bug!  Stroll the trails in this area and you will discover lemurs, tortoises, and other creatures.  This is Disney so of course there are gift shops and eateries in abundance in each area!

Camp Minnie Mickey

Festival of the Lion King

The areas off the ‘hub’ include Camp Minnie Mickey, which has the high energy show, Festival of the Lion King. Put this show on your short list of things to do at AK.  The animatronics in Simba, the lion, rival Broadway. The monkey’s on the trampoline and high bar make the show exciting. Camp Minnie Mickey is a great place for  character interactions.


Traveling on you will visit Africa, home of the Kilimanjaro Safari, where you ride open air safari vehicles to explore the savannah.   Pangani Forest Exploration Trails offers viewing of birds, fish, gorillas and an underwater hippo.  Walk around and spend some time in the shade out of the Florida heat.

Rafiki's Planet Watch and Conservation Station

Conservation Station
Rafiki’s Planet Watch is accessible by rambling old train, at the end of the line is Conservation Station (which is air conditioned, nice on a hot day). You will get a peek into the research, care and feeding of all the animals. More than 2,000 pounds of vegetation is fed to the animals every day, and several varieties of worms are provided to the animals as well as 3000 crickets per day. There are many hands on exhibits here, including a petting yard.  

Continuing your journey you will visit Asia, home of Expedition Everest, the roller coaster that brings you in search of the Yeti aka Abominable Snowman.   Beware of Kali River Rapids, you will be soaked!  Maharajah Jungle Trek is set in the ancient ruins of a palace, where the tigers and other animals have taken up residence. The lush landscape and architecture here make wonderful backdrops for photos.  Round out your time in Asia with a viewing of Flights of Wonder, a live bird show.

Step back in time, and travel to DinoLand USA. The Boneyard, an elevated maze built around a sandy pit, where the kids can dig for fossils. Finding Nemo the musical brings Nemo and friends to life on the stage with puppetry and live performers.  Try your hand at the carnival style games and rides in DinoLand.  Primeval Whirl, Tricera Top Spin and Dinosaur can be found here.

The short list of must do/must see attractions.
·         Kilimanjaro Safari
·         Festival of the Lion King
·         Finding Nemo the Musical
·         It’s Tough to be a Bug
·         Pangani Forest Trails
·         Maharajah Jungle Trek
·         Expedition Everest
·         Dinosaur ~ the ride

Kilimanjaro Safari Vehicle

Please feel free to contact me to help plan your Disney Vaction.

The Tree of Life

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