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Friday, June 24, 2011


Feeling like you just don’t have the cash to take the kids to Disney World or on a 7 night cruise this year? Try day trips!

Gas is $3.50 and dropping. We have been conditioned to see that as cheap! Take the kids on pre-planned daily excursions. You can take one day trip a week or take one whole week and go to a new place each day.

If you are within driving distance to a beach, kids love the beach. You can also try a computer search and see what pops up in your area. You may have to drive an hour or two but try to find something you have not done before.

If you live near a major city, visit the Little Italy area or Chinatown. Immerse your family in another culture for a day. Visit local museums in your area. Many have kids’ science centers where they will have hands on fun and possibly learn something.

Even going to the movies on a hot afternoon can be a fun time for the kids.

It will be memorable for your family and it won’t break the bank! Go plan it now, just Google your hometown and see what fun places pop up in the search!

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